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This step-by-step guide to applying for a licence from RECA contains everything you need to know for your specific situation.

All four sectors begin the process the same way. Some steps apply to specific industries or situations. Please only complete steps that pertain to you.

Please review the entire process before beginning.

New applicants should pay special attention to the Education Eligibility requirements in Step 3c (unless you are a Licence Mobility or Suitability applicant).


The information below is a step-by-step guide to becoming licensed provided by RECA.CA. This is a basic guide. More information can be found in the links within each step.

step1 newFirst thing’s first: are you eligible to become a licensed professional?

Eligibility standards:
• at least 18 years of age
• able to lawfully study and work in Canada
• able to provide specific government-issued identification (ID)
• have a minimum of Canadian high school education or equivalent
• be proficient in the English language

Please click here to review additional requirements for Real Estate and Property Management industries and additional requirements for Real Estate Appraisers.


step2 newmyRECA is RECA’s online licensing and education system. You will become eligible, complete courses, request services, and maintain your licence through myRECA.

To create an account, you will need to:

• Create a username and password
• Supply the email RECA will use to contact you
• Accept the myRECA Terms of Use, which gives RECA consent to contact you or otherwise use your personal information for regulatory purposes

View the tutorial for Creating a myRECA Account.


step3 newOnce you complete setting up your myRECA account, the system will ask you to log in for the first time. Do not begin this step until you are ready to begin your application and education eligibility process. This step includes the completion of one of three potential eligibility related applications, including payment. Click here and refer to Step 3 to read through these steps and wait until you’re ready before logging in for the first time.


step3a newOnly industry professionals from certain jurisdictions are eligible for labour mobility with Alberta. Make sure you are eligible by reviewing the information here (refer to Step 3a).


step3b newDuring the licensing process you will need to answer a series of suitability questions about matters such as past criminal proceedings, regulatory proceedings, civil proceedings, and bankruptcies. If this might be an issue for you, it is better to address it now through a Suitability Review, before you proceed any further. Click here to read more.


step3c newBefore you can enroll in RECA pre-licensing courses, you must prove you meet the requirements from step 1. Click here to read more.

TIP: If you plan on real estate or property management as your career, and you haven’t already done so, complete the Real Estate Career Information Session before starting this process.


step4 newAll industries have pre-licensing courses you must complete prior to applying for a licence. Please click here to read more (refer to Step 4).


step5 newAs you near the completion of your pre-licensing education, or, if you are applying for labour mobility, once you receive your approval, contact a private, accredited fingerprint agency or your local law enforcement to request a Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC). These agencies will fingerprint you and forward them to the Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) in Ottawa, who will perform the check.

RECA must review and accept your CCRC before you can become licensed.

CONSUMER TIP: Sign a Third Party Waiver of Consent when you apply for a CCRC, so the RCMP can forward your results directly to RECA.

Click here to view CCRC FAQs (refer to Step 5)


step6 newThis step is for real estate, including property management, and mortgage professionals only. Real estate appraisal professionals can skip to step 7b.

When you complete your education, or are approved for labour mobility, and RECA has received and approved your Certified Criminal Record Check, you become eligible for licensing. This status will show in the Licensing tab of your myRECA account.

For your next step, you must contact a licensed brokerage in Alberta and come to an agreement for them to hire you.

CONSUMER TIP: Be choosey. Don’t just go with the first brokerage you come across. Every brokerage is different: different in size, level of supervision, opportunities for mentorship, and employment arrangements. It’s important to go with the brokerage that fits you best. Ask brokers a lot of questions before agreeing to work for them. RECA prepared a List of Questions to Ask A Brokerage (PDF) to use when interviewing a brokerage.

When your brokerage hires you, you will likely have to complete employment contracts with the brokerage, membership applications for your trade association (if your brokerage is a member), along with your licensing application.


step7a newOnce you find a brokerage you want to work for, and they’ve agreed to take you on, your new broker will begin the licensing process.

To do so they will ask for your myRECA username.

They will use their brokerage myRECA account to begin an application for you based on your username. Once initiated, you can complete your portion of the application from your myRECA account. Once you’ve finished and submitted your application back to the broker, they will review your application. If they accept it, either they, or you, will pay your licensing fees (it depends what you agreed to beforehand). Once you or they have paid your fees, you are licensed, registered, and ready to work.

Check the current licensing fees in the Fee Schedule.

Check your licence status in the licence tab of your myRECA account. It should indicate you are authorized and show what practice areas are on your licence (for real estate).

View the tutorial for completing a new licence application with myRECA



step7b newOnce RECA receives and approves your CCRC and you’ve completed your pre-licensing education, you are eligible for licensing.

In your licensing tab in your myRECA account, a button to Apply for Appraiser Licence will appear.

Go through this process and pay your licence fee. Once complete, you are licensed and ready to work.

Check the current licensing fees in the Fee Schedule.

Check your licence status on the Licensing tab of your myRECA account. It should say Authorized.

View the tutorial for completing a new appraiser licence application with myRECA.